My son, Miguel is taking up Horticulture and he loves tree cutting. When he gave me a design of a cake that he wants, I started sourcing and found e-Creative. I have never thought that they will consider at less than 2kg cake as we are conscious of the price and less people eating at home since we are still in phase 2 of post circuit breaker. 

When it finally arrived on his birthday, his joy was shown all over his face. Not only the design was beautifully crafted, the smell of the cake was so great, and the taste was good as well. When it’s the time to cut the cake, he was so careful and precise not to topple it down. It did not, the design was made with strong support and structure as a half-cut tree.

Thank you, E-Creative for making my son’s birthday, a day to remember. Till today, he has preserved the man who cut the tree…. the cake was shared with his classmates in school the following day and they all loved it. 

Amie Repizo

Miguel’s Mom

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